NOAH'10 Conference Summary

4 bln searches on all search engines globally per day

0,5 bln searches for Video/Audio

Type of signals makes targeting success -> search signals, real time bidding signals, etc.††††††††

2 bln Videos streamed on Youtube per day
Personalized Video Ads could revolutionize world of advertising
(Example Obama Video from 2007)

Ad effectiveness research

The long tail of product range: 37% of sales is long tail
Satisfy obscure tastes to get repeat visits
Example Yahoo Music: every user has 10% of favorable songs that are
not in top 50.000

Long tail of stores: E-commerce vs. retailers

Diagram shows similar curves but the slight deviation makes the difference (read here:
Develop customer habits:
Example of Lady GaGa selling her brand via


4 things a game maker should not forget:

In-App Purchase

Cross-Platform Gaming

REAL Social Games

Location Based

Ebay Classifieds

How to approach developed and emerging markets differently
Classifieds via SMS in emerging markets
Country map of mobile and web penetration: Poland for example has a 50:50 penetration.

Fragmented Online Travel Agent market and how it developed in North
America and Europe ††††† →

Expedia ††††††††††††† →

Orbitz ††††††††††††††††† →

Travelocity ††††††††† →

Analytics confirmed 10% rule (The magic 10)
Of all Views 10% of users register, from that number 10% become
active, from that 10% pay, from that 10% heavy pay
10% of users generate 80% of money
15% of users generate 15% of money
75% of users generate 5% of money
BigPoint at the moment counts 250.000 new registrations per day, more
than babies are born in the world.


2nd biggest European Internet Website

85% of traffic comes from google

(best presentation from design perspective)

No. 1 e-commerce website in RU

~100 mio. USD revenue in 2010

~1.5 bln. USD revenue in 2018

10 mio. UU in Noví10

190 Pickup Points

80% cash on delivery

Recommendations generate 30% of sales

From marital dating to social dating: 88mln registrations so far.
Runrate $100 mln.
Business model: when women search for man they get a long result list.
Man do pay for being on top of that search result list.
Future growth via Arpu, white label, expansion to new regions and
performance marketing

Paneldiscussion WPP vs. Adconion
→ Online Advertising Prices on Google are 6 times lower in Spain than
in UK and 6 times lower in Latam than in Spain

WPP turning into a data technology analytics company: from $15 bln revenues $4 bln is data/market research
Mobile Apps Market will grow from $4.1 bln in 2009 to $17.5 bln in
2012 (entire music industry market is $23 bln in 2012)


Autotrading Service for Currency Trading

Watch traders performance

Pick traders you like to follow

Subscribe to trader with your own budget



Mobile-first Communities are growing -> in Singapore -> German Clone of