NOAH'11 Conference Summary
N O V E M B E R      9 & 10

Klaus Hommels / LAKESTAR
About Groupon:
"The Groupon Model has worked it's way through just the first 700 meters from the marathon.
It had some hickups, but founders will come up with a lot of new and exciting things."

People buy more things (for example at Amazon) if page loading is fast, if a shop website feels refreshing fast.
If you can't spell, it's our problem! We correct your search input instantly.
Extraction of more and more additional information at Google search,
for example a telephone number of a restaurant that enables the mobile user to place a call instantly.

Google launches Mobile Icons that lead to local offers:

Fun-App: Google Sudoku Cam Solver from Google Goggles Lab:

eBay Classifieds Group
eCGs global presence driven by both acquisitions and organic investments

Matchmaking - not pictures and profiles
$200m+ in revenue
Competition: Meetic / Parship / Elitepartner
Dating -> increasingly fragmented landscape of mobile and social dating players, for example Teamo
eHarmony's learning was to enter the U.K. market despite advised against -> Test conventional wisdom!

Groupon is still in its post-IPO 28 days quiet period -> managing expectations
125m Coupons sold worldwide
143m email subscribers to the present
10.000 workers in 45 countries
In the pipeline are technical innovations: mobile commerce

Holiday rentals segment
More than $400m Funding
IPO valuation of $2 billion
15 offices + brands, 1000 employees
Revenue CAGR of 75%

HomeAway as a group has more property inventory than Hilton Hotel group has hotel beds

Two types of customers: owners & travelers
$13.000 per year in average commission revenues for owners
For travelers site is for free.

Acquitision of 17 established local leaders since starting in 2005
Acquisition strategy revealed several challenges:
  • Headquarter-far-away challenge
  • Support-challenge: Local support functions such as HR, Finance, Legal are very useful and not only a cost factor

    New players are materializing: Migoa

    Softonic ranked No. 1 in the world as web site on technology
    #2 european company in terms of audience (Nielsen, #1 is BBC)
    113M downloads in September
    EUR 45m revenues in 2011 (>50% GM)
    Goes global by launching different languages not countries, serviced mostly from Barcelona (95% of the staff)

    5 lessons learned:
  • International expansion via different unit creation.
        After success of international unit we merged local and international to one single unit.
  • Use alternative marketing strategies. We focused on Long tail SEO.
  • Global management team -> Barcelona attracts talent from all over the world
  • Localized quality content is a key success factor (and protects against developments like Panda)
  • Create a livable working environment -> Best place to work in Spain award

    Criteo brings search-like performance to display: "Making display ads perform better than search"
    $200m in revenue
    20 countries
    98% renewal rate
    120 engineers programming the future of display advertising
    $40 billion search revenues globally

    70 million Sales & Leads per year
    Successful products: DSL, Flights, Fashion items, bank, ...

    90.000 take away services per month
    High recurrence, low churn rate
    CPA rises after channel switch is completed:
    95% of merchants still use flyers for restaurant promotion
    ...connects in real-time every diner to every restaurant over BDA (booking data aggregator)

    ...was just launched yesterday
    Part of iLab Ventures
    Online recruiting site in Turkey with 70% market share
    Brand awareness is even higher
    13 years in the market

    "Planting seeds phase" - 5 years
  • Customers: Multinationals
  • Jobseekers: Newspaper followers

    "Investing in growth" - 4 years
  • Customers: Regional Reach, New marketing tools
  • Jobseekers: University tools, TV commercials

    "Operational excellence" - 4 years
  • Customers: Growing in SMEs, Regional expansion
  • Jobseekers: Blue collars, Executives, interns

  • Today: Data driven marketing / price war
    EUR 50 billion European rail market
    Growing faster than other travel sectors
    Ongoing deregulation
    23% of total train tickets are sold online in UK
    70% of that are sold by which is not operating trains

    Vidal from Index:
    Winner takes it all does not always happen

    Just Eat
    15x bigger than Lieferheld
    Takeaway - the smart way
    Build demand & supply synchronized
    Handled $500 million Food value (GMV) since launch
    Dynamic Creative Optimization for video
    Targeted video ads can be generated on demand and in real-time to optimize click-through rates and conversion.
    Solution optimizes yield by finding the best composition

    In-video advertising

    Hasso Plattner financed
    "Playfully Meet People"
    Virtual item selling
    5x-9x DARPU of Social Games

    "Ordering a taxi has never been easier. No phone call. No queue."
    Online since 2010
    400.00 downloads from App Store
    Two types of Apps, for user and for driver
    5.000 Taxis registered

    Online Travel
    Recap (Jul/2008): TripAdvisor, the travel review site owned by Expedia, has made two acquisitions:
    VirtualTourist, a user-gen travel site, and OneTime, a travel comparison site (price totaled around $85 million).

    Update (Nov/2011): The two hotel booking giants are in the same ballpark: Priceline's Q3/2011 revenue was $1.45 billion vs $1.14 billion for Expedia.

  • Conversion rates from social media are higher than search advertising and cheaper.
  • 9flats: brand building for platforms makes sense. People don't remember the name of appartment owner but of the booking platform (9flats).
  • Regarding social media, big problem is keeping up social discussions between summer and winter trip
  • Travel is about good analytics
        Reviews are processed by semantic analytics. For example on group level for a hotel chain and on level of a single subsidiary for a single hotel.
  • Review sites are more impacting than social media and twitter
  • Keyfactor in reviews is trust, pure price comparison is not enough for travel sites
  • People want to have authentic experiences when they travel
  • relaunched, by Axel Schmiegelow
  • Tripalyzer...still not available
  • Sites in China e.g. ctrip have similar demand like sites in Russia




    80% of fashion apparel sales online comes from shopping clubs
    Privalia mobile traffic has grown to 10% and on Sundays it goes up to 20%
    20.000 packages sent daily
    Google still main source of traffic for private e-commerce sales followed by Facebook
    Facebook is second strongest traffic source
    Social Commerce is reality!
    Vertical specialist has advantages over generalist
    Only good brands and good products maintain traffic, growth and conversion

    80% is retention business
    40% of new customers comes from word-of-mouth
    #3 player in a $12 billion industry

    ASOS: you can compete with Amazon!

    ACHICA (founded by Asos-co-founder Quentin Griffiths) focuses on home&garden, but as a private shopping club

    stylist pick: "Celebrity-inspired commerce"

    Marco: There is no performanced-based classifieds model

    ...has 100.000 fans on facebook, but minimal impact on traffic. A real estate agent gets 4,5% commission in Paris
    Investing a lot into tracking systems for customers having better performance

    Founder: Jan Rezab from CZ
    $10m revenue in 2012
    Monitoring 10 million Facebook pages with 10 to 20 metrics on each page
    L'Oreal has 480 pages worldwide: we offer advice

    ETORO - Social Trading
    World's largest investment network:
    Enabling every investor to see, follow and automatically copy trades

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